2022 Travel Plans

Tropical memories – January 2016 in Bora Bora

Sadly we won’t be in Bora Bora during this January but instead we wish you a very Happy New Year from Oxfordshire, England!

For the first time since 1st January 2016 we are spending New Year’s Day away from home and this year we are welcoming 2022 with a group of our lovely friends. It was 6 years ago today that we were at the start of our career break (and our initial dabble with this travel blog) and on our way to Los Angeles to commence a fantastic year of travel 🙂

And thankfully we did as clearly this wouldn’t have been possible in the last couple of years. As things on the Covid front had started to improve during 2021 we had begun to feel more confident that at last the world was re-opening! This optimism was gradually accelerating until the end of November when the brakes were slammed on again as the Omicron variant emerged. Personally, I don’t think that shutting the borders and making travel so difficult is the answer and my thoughts are echoed by an article in the Guardian.

There is nothing we can do other than what we are being forced to at the hands of the governments and authorities of the world. At the moment and excluding our current little escape we have 3 further trips planned for 2022:

  • May: Road to Rome – as part of a group of 6 friends, yet again we hope to be walking the last 100 miles of the Via Francigena into Rome
  • June: a long weekend in Krakow (re-arranged pre-Christmas 2021 trip)
  • July: we have a week booked in the south of Pembrokeshire in a large holiday house as part of a group of 10
Anniversary holiday in Sandals Grenada – November 2018

More 2022 ideas

The lure of distant tropical islands is enticing us towards booking two weeks in the Caribbean for our November 2022 anniversary but following the recent airline shambles we experienced, the ongoing travel restrictions and grief that comes with the prospect of constant changes, re-arranging, testing, isolating, form filling and not to mention the lack of peace of mind to actually look forward to a holiday we are somewhat hesitant…

And with no adventures in the pipeline until May, I’ll produce some more ‘back in the day’ posts in the coming months. Why?

  • They form a record of our travel memories
  • I enjoy producing them (a creative hobby)
  • Hopefully some are a source of travel knowledge and inspiration for anyone interested in reading them
Us in Grenada November 2018

Thank you for continuing to follow our blog and we wish everyone happy travels for 2022 🙂

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