Travel Update: the saga continues…

Colosseum of Rome (Apr 2010)

As a result of Covid and the ever-changing rules and regulations we’ve just had to re-schedule our Road to Rome trip for the fourth time!

  1. May 2020: was the original date booked (back in autumn 2019 when nobody had ever heard of words or phases such as ‘covid’; ‘social distancing’ or ‘furlough’).
  2. October 2020: we were in full lockdown by May 2020 so we moved our trip to later in the year as we naively thought it would all be over by then.
  3. September 2021: OK… this thing can’t continue into 2021… all should be fine nearly a year later…
  4. May 2022: 4th time lucky???

As the craziness continues we remain optimistic and are persevering with our plans for this trip! The 6 of us are all keen to go to Italy and walk the final 100 miles or so of the Via Francigena, the ancient road that actually begins in Canterbury in Kent. Hopefully one day we’ll be producing blog posts which report back on what we hope is an awesome experience rather than wondering whether the hell we will ever get there!

As Italy recently imposed a 5 day lockdown on visitors from the UK and as there is no guess what our government will do we decided to move things again. We took the opportunity when EasyJet yet again tweaked our September flights. We could either get a voucher, get a refund or move them free of charge!

The new flights have ideal timings, as we are due to arrive in Rome at lunchtime on the first day. After our planned 10 day trip, we then return to Gatwick at around tea time. Fingers crossed no more moves…

I’ve cancelled most of the 9 hotels where we had 3 x rooms booked in each. I now need to re-book them, following our itinerary. The luggage transfer company have been brilliant so far in accommodating our shifting dates so I’m confident they will oblige again.

Spectacular coastline of north Cornwall from Tintagel (Apr 2009)

Hello Cornwall!

Each of us having 10 days of holiday leave booked at our respective work places, we made a rapid shift and were lucky to find an alternative. We were able to book a holiday house in Cornwall to fill the gap left by the re-arranged Italy trip! Flo, Mike, Roza, Russell, Chris and I are now looking forward to a September UK staycation instead.

Other than a day in Looe and Polperro in March 2020 when Chris and I popped over the border into Cornwall during a weekend in Plymouth, I haven’t visited this beautiful part of England since 2009. I am really looking forward to a lovely holiday exploring the dramatic coast and eating cream teas and Cornish pasties!

Summary of revised 2021 travel plans:

  • September: one week in Cornwall
  • October: one week in Anglesey, North Wales
  • November: one week in Asturias, Northern Spain (fingers tightly crossed)


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