About us


“Never say no to adventures. Always say ‘yes’, otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life” Ian Fleming

We are Chris and Laura, a married couple from the UK who took a year out of our everyday lives to spend 2016 exploring the world. We had an incredible year travelling to the Pacific, Asia, Europe, Central America and South America exploring as many highlights as we could manage. We originally created this blog for three main reasons:

* To keep a record of our 2016 travels
* To keep our family and friends updated during this time
* To share our planning and experiences

We are now back in the UK but will continue sharing past travel experiences, travel reflections and details of future trips to build on the wealth of existing information that can be found here. Hopefully our blog will provide ideas and inspiration to assist with making your travel dreams become a reality.

We got married in Jamaica in 2010 and together we’ve travelled to 60 different countries since then. We have 4 adult children between us and value a simple, minimalist lifestyle with a focus on living life and having adventures rather than buying and accumulating material stuff.

Self confessed travel addict… where did it begin? Probably as a child, growing up in the 70’s Laura’s wanderlust may have first been awakened by the BBC’s Sunday evening ‘Holiday‘ programme where she would watch longingly as Cliff Michelmore and crew visited dreamy faraway places. Back then, many people were happy with one week a year in the UK or perhaps Spain or Italy if they were lucky!

The other early inspiration for Laura was her favourite book, the Hamlyn Childrens Atlas of the World…

Laura’s first trip abroad was a day trip to Calais, France at the age of 12. Since then she has grabbed every opportunity to have an adventure with all manner of holidays, weekends, short breaks and of course the mega 2016 trip! Laura has now visited 88 different countries.

Chris is a keen photographer and took most of the (better) photos during our 2016 travels. He is also passionate about wildlife and nature and particularly enjoys travelling to the natural wonders of the world, snorkelling in azure tropical seas and trekking through lush rainforests.

Why ‘From Blue to Green’? 

The name of our travel blog was inspired by a track of the same name from Chicane and, like Chicane also for us means travel… looking out from a plane or boat at the endless shades of blue ocean stretching across to the greenery of the pine forests, palm trees, grasslands and rainforests…

So, thank you for visiting our travel blog and please feel free to browse through and leave any comments!