Mid 2021 Travel Update

Evening walk at Sharpenhoe Clappers in Bedfordshire, England

Post written by Laura

So, we are already nearly half way through 2021 and we are STILL in the clutches of the pandemic and ongoing travel ambiguity.

Work eat sleep repeat

Similar to the early summer of 2020, Chris and I have spent most of our time working from home (me), reading travel blogs, travel magazines and travel books (also me), trying to stay healthy and enjoying regular Riverford organic recipe boxes, watching the occasional TV mini series and appreciating some local scenic walks.

We’ve made the best of the easing lockdown restrictions and as life has slowly opened up our increased freedom has started to enhance our life a little. We have yet to stay away from home but this should change very shortly! (I say should as nothing is guaranteed as has been sharply brought into focus for the last 15 months or so…)

Other than the little treasures that illuminate our lives (a lovely walk, a fun evening with friends or precious time with family), most days are pretty indistinguishable from each other. As far as travel goes, the pause button has been pressed and I’m spending chunks of time either reflecting back on past adventures or planning and dreaming of future ones.

A mini adventure with a 10 mile walk around Broom Lakes and Old Warden, Bedfordshire, England

The play button is now at the ready and poised to resume as we have some travel plans for the second half of 2021… Yay! Although albeit with varying levels of optimism and anticipation for each…

This is currently on the agenda:

June: Weekend in Wales

Next weekend we have a camping weekend in the Brecon Beacons in south Wales with a group of friends. After some fabulous and perfect camping weather in early June the conditions suddenly switched a few days ago and now isn’t looking quite as promising. That’s the UK for you… impossible to plan around the weather unless you have the freedom to skip off at the last minute. With 7 of us to align our schedules this is difficult so we have to rely on lucky timing.

September: Road to Rome

Our early September Road to Rome trip has been looking increasingly uncertain by the day. Will Italy make the UK’s green list? Can the double vaccinated travel? Will Italy even let us in? (Not at the moment without a 5 day quarantine on arrival…) And on and on. This has been a saga for the last 18 months when we first booked this much anticipated and much moved trip back in November 2019 ready to travel in May 2020. Alternative plans are being considered so stay tuned on this one!

October: Week in Anglesey

More promising but not guaranteed is an October week in Anglesey an island in the north of Wales where we have booked a holiday house with 4 friends.

November: Week in Spain

And finally we are hoping to spend a week in Asturias in northern Spain in November to seee Carmen and Efren and stay in one of their apartments. We met them on a tour of the Bolivian Salt Flats in October 2016 so it will be great to catch up with them again and explore this region of Spain, new for both of us.

Happy days trekking on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. This is Concepcion Volcano (Sep 2016)

In the meantime, to keep myself busy and satisfy my passion for all things travel, I’ll produce some more ‘back in the day’ posts. Incidentally the Cambridge dictionary describes this phrase as: “used for talking about a time in the past, usually remembering nice things about that time” yes, “nice things”! A perfect summary for reflecting on past holidays and travel experiences 🙂

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  1. Hope your Italian road trip goes ahead, who knows what will happen as everything seems so uncertain currently. Brecon Beacons sounds great though, a brilliant place to go and explore. Anglesey is really nice too, love that part of Wales.

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