Hastings coastal trek

Date visited: September 2019

Being an island, the UK has a large choice of coastal treks. During the summer Chris and I, together with some friends made our way to England’s south coast for a weekend of camping and trekking.

Hastings beach huts and pier

Hastings is best known for its history: the famous Battle of Hastings of 1066 when the French from Normandy fought the English Anglo Saxons over rights to the English throne. The battle was won by William the Conqueror who became the first Norman king of England.

View from the pier
Fishermans sheds

The tall black fishermans sheds can be found at Stade beach which has been used for landing boats for over 1000 years. These wooden structures used to store fishermans nets and many are now shops. This is a lovely and unique area to wander around.

Hastings Funicular Cliff Railway

There is a funicular in Hastings which will take you from the seafront and up to the Hastings Country Park which offers great views of the town.

Hastings from the Country Park

We didn’t take the funicular as this was the starting point for our coastal hike! After parking the cars in the seafront car park we made our way up the steps to the side of the funicular and started to head east across the country park.

Hastings Country Park is home to several picnic areas and nature trails and an ice cream van, a great start to the hike 🙂

We continued to head east following the trail through the country park and up and down along the cliffs.

We continued walking and stopped at a scenic cliff edge for lunch. We came to the village of Fairlight but hit a bit of a dead end! The cliff path seemed to suddenly disappear and we couldn’t work out how to continue! Instead we looked for the village pub which unfortunately was shut. Thankfully the Post Office was open, which was the only place we could find for refreshments!

After a rest sitting outside the Post Office, we continued across the road and made our way through the fields heading slightly inland back towards Hastings. We returned at the back of the Country Park and back to the cars having walked about 12 miles in total.

Our tent

We stayed at the ‘Pop Up’ campside, a semi wild camping experience just to the north of Hastings where the showers and toilets were located inside mobile horse boxes!

We had a great pitch in the woods which provided shelter, although thankfully the weather was good for most of the weekend.

Overall, this was a fun and low cost weekend; we had bought our supplies from a local supermarket and cooked all of our food (dinners and breakfasts) at our campsite.

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