Amalfi waterfall trek and kayak

Post written by Laura

Our fabulous trek Amalfi ‘Hike, Boat and Kayak’ trip with Intrepid Travel and our guide Giovanni continues…

Today’s trek began at our hotel in Amalfi and led us for a short distance around the coast to the villages of Atrani and then a climb to Pontone. We had amazing views over the Valle del Dragone (Valley of the Dragon) and were able to cool down in the micro climate forest of waterfalls.

Following a delicious organic farmhouse lunch en-route we walked back to Amalfi and spent a couple of hours in the afternoon doing some sea kayaking!

Starting in the centre of Amalfi
Walking through the backstreets of Atrani

As we headed out of Atrani we came across a small open air museum!

Valley of the Dragons
Walking past grape vines and lemon trees
Into the forest

We continued on our beautiful trek and visited the ponds and waterfalls in the Valle Delle Ferriere. Thanks to the micro climate the temperatures around the waterfalls were several degrees lower which was refreshing after the 34 degrees of the rest of the hike!

Crossing over a stream
Giovanni (our guide) and Bridget
Past another stream

Past the paper mill ruins…

Our Intrepid group

At lunchtime we stopped at Fore Porta, where we had a fantastic lunch of fresh organic vegetables, delicious local cheeses and fresh iced lemon crush. While located in the middle of nowhere and right at the back of Amalfi this place is well worth tracking down… it is number 1 of 96 Amalfi restaurants!

Heading back towards Amalfi…

And back into Amalfi


Laura in the kayak

We arrived back at the Hotel Centrale in the afternoon and after an hour or so we met Giovanni who led us to the beach for our kayaking! This was the first time I had ventured in a kayak following our near disaster experience in the Maldives in February 2018… and this time on my own and without Chris to help with the paddling!

Atrani from the kayak

With a guide from the kayak place leading and Giovanni rounding up the stragglers at the back… yes the likes of me… we followed in a line and paddled our way along the gorgeous blue sea for about 20 minutes until we came to a small quiet beach.

Pebbly beach

Many of the beaches of the Amalfi Coast seem to be pebbly and this tiny cove was no exception. We lugged our kayaks onto the beach and had time to swim and generally chill for a bit.

And back to Amalfi again…

There are many excellent restaurants in Amalfi and they can be found dotted around the town and the square and along near the marina. For tonight 5 of us headed off for the 10 minute walk to the edge of the marina and had a delicious pasta dinner overlooking the boats.

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