Trek Amalfi: Punto Panoramico

Post written by Laura

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO world heritage site which they describe as “an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape, with exceptional cultural and natural scenic values resulting from its dramatic topography and historical evolution”.

Bridget and I arrived in the mountain village of Bomerano having been driven for about an hour from Pompeii to begin a few days of trekking along the Amalfi Coast. As mentioned in previous posts this is part of our Intrepid Amalfi Coast Hike, Boat and Kayak tour!

Summary of the trip:

Day 1: Vesuvius and Pompeii

Day 2: Punto Panoramico Hike and Limoncello Tasting

Day 3: Pathway of the Gods hike to Positano

Day 4: Visit to Capri

Day 5: Amalfi hike and kayak

Day 6: Hike to Ravello

Chin chin!

At around 22 degrees the temperature in Bomerano was a welcome 10 degrees less than it had been in Naples, Vesuvius and Pompeii.

After checking into our hotel we met with some of the Intrepid group for dinner and I had a fabulous seafood meal in the Ristorante La Selva, a 20 minute walk through the quiet streets of the village. We were given complimentary limoncello shots to end the meal… and a good way to celebrate the end of first day with our new Intrepid friends!

Punto Panoramico Hike: Bomerano to Furore to San Lazzaro scenic point

Setting off in the morning

Nicely full after a delicious breakfast of locally sourced produce and home made apple cake in the Hotel Mamaral we set off at 08:30 with Giovanni, our Intrepid guide. Giovanni led us to the centre of Bomerano where he showed us the map of the route for today’s hike.

Limestone caves
Grape vines

We headed through the valley towards the coast hiking past limestone caves and grapevines and lemon groves until we came to the sparkling sapphire Mediterranean Sea.


Typical of many Amalfi Coast villages, Furore clings to the side of the steep cliffs. High up in the narrow streets we made our way through the village as we headed towards a valley.

Happy hiker!

From Furore we headed towards the back of the village, through woodland, across the valley and past a waterfall towards San Lazzaro.

San Lazzaro

After a short stop for ice cream (or gelato as it is in Italy) we continued onwards towards the old castle where we had a fabulous view of the Amalfi coast.

Amalfi Coast

We had a short back track to San Lazzaro village and had lunch in the Hotel Risorgimento before getting a local bus back to Bomerano.

Limoncello tasting

A tangy and refreshing after-dinner drink, Limoncello is a famous liquor from this region of Italy. The idea of this ‘digestif’ is that you drink it after your dinner to aid your digestion.

During the afternoon we walked through the village to a small shop which produced its own limoncello on-site. As well as some standard limoncellos we were able to sample a range of variants including meloncello, pistaciochello, and different types of herbcello!

And a fabulous end to the day… dinner in the 18th century courtyard of the La Corte degli Dei.

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  1. The scenery along the Amalfi coast is stunning isn’t it? Your hike looks amazing and how great to meet a new bunch of friends and share the adventure with them.


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