Trekking Ulva

Ulva bluebells

Ulva is a small island off the coast of Mull with a population of just 16 people! Many footpaths criss cross Ulva, and they are all clearly signposted. You can choose tougher options such as the full length island trek or the trek to the summit of Beinn Chreagach, the highest point of the island. If you fancy something more leisurely you can simply meander through the others… If you choose a tough trek you need to ensure you give yourself enough time to catch the last ferry back to Mull which is 5 pm.


The above image shows the instructions for summoning the ferry to Ulva! You have to uncover the red panel to summon the ferry and once you get across you pay your £6.00 return fee to the folks in the Boathouse.

Ulva ferry

The small ferry will hold up to about 8 – 10 people. It takes literally 5 minutes to cross the narrow stretch of sea between Mull and Ulva.


We began with a large and delicious slab of tea cake and a pot of tea in the Boathouse before heading off to explore the island. Two of our friends decided to make their way to the summit of Beinn Chreagach while the rest of us chose a leisurely scenic stroll.


Above is ‘Sheila’s Cottage’ a traditional crofters cottage which has been turned into a museum containing artefacts and some history about the island.

One of many signposts

As mentioned, there are several marked trails on Ulva where you can choose either a woodland walk, a coastal walk or a longer walk to Livingstone’s Cave. This is named after the grandparents of the explorer David Livingstone who once lived on the island.

Ulva church

We followed the trail from Sheila’s Cottage and came to Ulva church (above). This is in the style of a typical Scottish island church and is known as a ‘Parliamentary’ church due to being built with a grant from Parliament.

Millions of bluebells all over Ulva

In total we walked for around 5 or 6 miles around some of the trails of the island, taking in the lovely views and vistas.



Ben More and the Isle of Mull in the distance

After 2 or 3 hours we made our way back to the Boathouse where we sampled some of the delicious seafood before making our way back to Mull by ferry.

Above is a delicious lobster lunch (only £10 each) and our first experience of tasting oysters…







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