Trekking Iona

One of Iona’s gorgeous beaches

Iona is a small island about one mile off the coast of Mull. Iona is tranquil with no cars and a tiny population of 125. For such a small island, there is quite a bit of history. Iona has an abbey which was built in the early middle ages and a nunnery.

Arriving in Iona by ferry

We travelled as foot passengers on the ferry from Mull for only £1.30 each. As we arrived in Iona we were both reminded vividly of our visit to the Falkland Islands last year. The landscape with its white sand beaches, sparkling blue sea, barren landscape and traditional stone cottages was very similar.

Iona Nunnery
Iona Nunnery

Following coffee and cake in Martyr’s Bay restaurant all nine of us set off on a 6 mile trek around the north coast of the island in perfect weather conditions of around 18 degrees. We stopped at the ruins of the Iona Nunnery  which was established in there 1200’s.


Chris at the top of Dun I

From the Nunnery we made our way towards Dun I, where we climbed to the highest point on Iona.


We continued towards the coast and walked along the white sandy beaches of the north of the island where we stopped and had lunch.

Sandy coast path of Iona

The sandy beaches stretched for quite a distance until we came to some rocky terrain.


We continued over the rocks, through a field of sheep and onwards to the next beach.

Nice easy walking…


From here we cut through the middle of the island and back for a quick coffee in Martyrs Bay restaurant. We brought some supplies (for the barbecue later) from the Spar shop and got the ferry back to Mull.






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