What’s next?

Flat Island, Mauritius (May 2014)

Happy New Year!

On this grey, rainy New Years Day we’ve added a sunny throw back photo from a previous holiday to Mauritius…

We set up this travel blog just over a year ago to record our 2016 travels, i.e. the year we took an ‘adult gap year’ to travel around the world. However as we will both shortly be back at full time work we will (reluctantly) revert back to being part time travellers…

Working full time again will mean making the most of our precious few weeks of annual leave and also our weekends. Europe has over 40 different countries and hundreds of cities and regions all within a couple of hours of the UK. Thankfully this, together with budget airlines and low cost flights does give us the option for regular mini adventures.

For example, in July 2014 we had a crazy two days in Bucharest, Romania… we took an early flight on a Saturday morning; checked into the Hilton for just £60; went to a late night concert in the middle of a park on the Saturday night and flew back on the Sunday!

We’ve enjoyed sharing our adventures so rather than stopping the blog we are going to continue posting photos and trip notes on a regular basis.

We have booked a couple of trips and have some ideas for later in 2017 which include:

  • A week in the Ardenne region of Belgium (booked)
  • A long weekend for trekking the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland (booked)
  • A week on the Isle of Mull, Scotland (planned)
  • An adventure in Africa (considering)
  • A road trip through the Canadian Rockies (considering)

Laura has kept notes, photos and information from past trips so in the meantime will share the details of some of these… up and coming will be ‘Perfect Seychelles Itinerary’ and ‘Trekking the Trolltunga’…

As we’ve closed a fantastic chapter of our lives and look forward to a new year which we hope will be enhanced with trips and travelling the following quote seems quite fitting:

“The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can.” – Mike Dooley




  1. What an interesting year you have had — and kudos to you for leaving your jobs and seeing the world. You are living the dream that many of us have. Thanks for posting so many great blogs about your travels. And we look forward to seeing the ones you’ll take this year. (Especially the trip to Giant’s Causeway, which we loved.) Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. Our brief trip to England just makes us want to return as soon as possible. — Rusha Sams


    1. Thank you for your comment; we had a fantastic year of travelling but the world is huge and there is still much to see! We are certainly looking forward to the Giant’s Causeway and getting away as and when we can this year.

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