El Salvador to Nicaragua

Our arrival into Nicaragua

Our Intrepid group left La Tortuga Verde at 5 am on a bus which took us to La Union where we officially departed from El Salvador. At around 6 am in the deserted streets of the sleepy town we had our passports checked and were soon stamped out of El Salvador.

Walking towards the boat

From the immigration building we walked the short distance to the pier where we boarded our small transfer boat (a privately chartered boat and not exactly the large passenger ferry we were anticipating…)

On the boat to Nicaragua…


Our small boat sped through the Gulf of Fonseca for two hours where we could see three countries: El Salvador behind, Honduras to the left and Nicaragua in front. The crossing was fairly smooth and we saw pelicans and local fishing boats.

Arrival into Nicaragua

We arrived on the beach at the port of Potosi, Nicaragua and had to wade through the sea feeling somewhat refugee-like.

Lugging our luggage towards immigration

Probably not the classiest entrance to a new country but border crossings such as this are made much easier when travelling with a tour group where it is all organised for you!




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