One day in Wellington


New Zealand’s capital city is small and compact and easy to explore on foot. Throughout the day we walked to the harbour, took a ride on the cable car (above), walked around the park and botanical gardens (below) and walked halfway up Mount Victoria.


The above photo was taken from the top of the cable car station which is close to the entrance to the botanical gardens and observatory.


The grounds of the botanical gardens contain a herb garden where were able to get close enough to capture the above photo of a Yellow Admiral.


More Wellington views below…





We both really enjoyed our day in Wellington and found the city to be friendly, relaxed and… just ‘easy’… Unlike many cities there seemed to be no stress, nobody honking their horns, no traffic jams, no shouting or any real sense of ‘busyness’… There were plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants including Courtenay Place which is full of bars and had a real buzzing and vibrant atmosphere. Late in the afternoon people congregated around the harbour area, chilling on giant beanbags outside the bars (below).






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