One day in (rainy) Papeete


Papeete (above) is the capital of French Polynesia and is located on the island of Tahiti. There are 118 islands and atolls making up the country French Polynesia which covers an area of the South Pacific which is approximately the size of Western Europe.

We only had one day in Papeete as we are cramming in three French Polynesian islands in eight days.

The weather was cloudy, overcast and rainy for the entire day… Also we were in Papeete on a Sunday when EVERYTHING is closed! Well almost everything… all shops and many cafes and restaurants are closed and there are no bus services… So try to avoid Sunday if you only have one day in Papeete with no private transport…

Other than walk around the deserted town in overcast, hot and humid conditions we didn’t actually do very much in Papeete. We did come across a pleasant park area overlooking the sea and the island of Moorea where we are shortly spending a few days.

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