One week to go…


Happy Christmas!

After several months of planning neither of us can quite believe that this time next week we will be on our way to Los Angeles the first destination of our round-the-world trip!

So… what are we doing with our house? We’ve been busy de-cluttering, tidying up, giving our house a spring clean and leaving everything in the capable hands of our adult son and daughters who will be there while we are away.

One of our daughter’s will use our car while we are away.

Chris has resigned from his job and Laura has taken a 12 month career break.

We’ve got a rough route planned… LA – Hawaii – Tahiti – New Zealand – Australia – Indonesia – Philippines… South East Asia… Japan… India? Sri Lanka? Maybe a short back packing train trip in Europe? Central America… South America…

We’ve booked the flights and accommodation for the first 6-7 weeks but will sort the rest out as we go…


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