Nature Reserve RSPB Minsmere

RSPB Minsmere

On Sunday we drove from Beccles for 35 mins through pretty country roads and lush green woodlands to visit the RSPB nature reserve on the coast at Minsmere. The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) was established in 1889 and is the largest conservation charity in the UK with sites across the country.

Pond at Minsmere

There was plenty of parking spaces when we arrived and we were able to park near to the visitor centre. The entry cost is £9 per adult which gives you access to three different trails from which to explore the reserve. Chris and I took this opportunity to become members of the RSPB and I now have grand plans to travel around the UK visiting more RSPB nature reserves 🙂

Sandmartin nests in the sandstone cliffs

We decided to head towards the sea and started to follow the coast trail, stopping to watch the sandmartins flying backwards and forwards into their nests.

Path heading towards the sea

One of my parents is not too mobile however they managed the short distance from the visitor centre along a smooth and well maintained path. It is possible to pre-book a mobility scooter if required.

Cinnebar moth
Cinnebar caterpillar

Finding wildlife along the way…

Wetlands at Minsmere

From the visitor centre we passed reed beds and wetlands as we headed towards the sea. This is where birds nest and migrant birds feed and spend the winter.

The beach at Minsmere

The pebble beach at Minsmere!

Coast path

The above coast path is a stretch of the Suffolk coast path between Dunwich and Aldeburgh.

Having a rest!

There are several benches along this stretch of the Minsmere reserve path.

Helpful signage to ensure we didn’t get lost.

The full coast trail is circular and in total is 2 miles long however my parents wouldn’t have managed this so we took the path back towards the visitor centre.

Back at the pond and sandmartin cliffs and we were soon back at the visitor centre and the coffee shop!

After our short Minsmere stroll it was back to Beccles for Sunday dinner at the Waverley House Hotel.

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