A winter weekend in Brighton

Post written by Laura

The last time I visited Brighton was in July 2021 where I was lucky to have been there during a mini England heatwave. Chris and I recently spent a weekend in Brighton, in early March when it was freezing! Not literally but with a maximum of only 7 degrees and pretty cold winds it certainly felt like it!

Brighton beach

But it could have been worse… we had originally planned and booked this weekend which should have taken place 2 weeks before, but we had to move it as a result of our first brush with covid. As it happened this was the weekend of three storms (Dudley, Eunice and Franklin) so probably just as well!

Brighton beach – photography exhibition (still here)

We had travelled to Brighton to see my daughter Zoe and her boyfriend Chris. However while she was at work Chris and I had a wander around… throughout the day we walked for 12 miles, and walked down to Hove, similar as I had done so with Zoe last year.

West Pier ruins

We enjoyed a drink and snack in the Rockwater Hove, then made our way back past the ruins of the West Pier. This pier was first opened in 1866 but was sadly destroyed in 2003 by a fire.


Following a detour into the town for a coffee we returned to the Palace Pier about 20 minutes before dusk for a spectacular display!


Between December and March each year, just before dusk you can see large numbers of starlings performing their murmurations!

We stood on the beach and watched as the starlings performed their displays, creating moving aerial patterns until they all darted under the pier to roost! I had never seen this before so it was a bit of a wow factor.

Brighton Museum chair exhibition

We met up with Zoe and Chris on 3 separate occasions which included a lovely Saturday evening meal in the Coppa Club.

On the Sunday morning, following a delicious vegan breakfast in a Trading Post coffee shop we decided to visit Brighton Museum. This was partly to escape the cold but for only £6.20 each it was well worth a visit!

There is a 20th century furniture exhibition, an Egyptian exhibition with items such as mummies from ancient Egypt and an interesting look back at the last 20,000 years of the archeology of Brighton!

And finally to say a huge thank you to my brilliant former work colleagues. When I left my previous role last September they so generously put in together and gave me a hotel voucher which I was able to put towards our Brighton hotel accommodation.


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