Circular hike from Boscastle to Tintagel


We parked up in the large car park in the centre of Boscastle to begin our 12 mile circular walk to Tintagel and back. Thankfully parking in the same car park as the previous day was much easier at 9:30 am and there were plenty of spaces this time 🙂

Boscastle is a small fishing port on the north coast of Cornwall and with its picturesque harbour and lush valley setting attracts many tourists. Boscastle suffered major flooding in 2004 when a months’ rainfall fell in just 2 hours on already saturated land. This also coincided with a high tide leading to devastating consequences.

From the centre of the village we walked to the left of the river and towards the South West Coast Path.

Unlike the previous few days this morning was cloudy and overcast however we were fortunate to see dramatic views of the stunning coastline.

Wild flowers along the way

We made our way for the 4 or 5 miles or so along the coast path towards Tintagel. This was a fairly demanding walk, continually climbing up steep inclines and then down steep steps along the rugged coastline.

Herringbone stone wall

We stopped for a break and a snack next to this rock formation called ‘Ladies Window’.

The path then dipped slightly inland as it crossed a sharp river valley.

Still on track
Russell, Mike, Flo, Roza and Chris

Dark clouds loomed as we arrived into Tintagel, adding to the drama of the coast path. We stopped in the centre of Tintagel for our picnic lunch and thankfully the sun began to shine.

We left busy Tintagel behind and headed out across fields and to woodland this time with the bright sunlight splintering through the trees.

Following the path next to the river we came to St Nectans Waterfalls which also has a small cafe, ideal for a cold refreshing drink and an ice-cream!

The trail led us out of the woods, across farmland and back into Boscastle where we returned to the Wellington Hotel for some post-walk refreshments!

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