Yorkshire Dales: Bolton Castle and Aysgarth Falls

A leisurely 6 mile circular hike via Bolton Castle and Aysgarth Falls

Following a rainy trek up to the top of Buckden Pike and back the previous day we were all delighted to wake up to a beautiful sunny day for our next hiking adventure!

En-route to Bolton Castle

We parked our cars in the village of Carperby and set off in high spirits towards Bolton Castle. The easy and flat route took us across grassy fields, across pretty streams and through narrow styles for about 2 miles before Bolton Castle came into view.

Crossing a stream (by bridge this time)

Bolton Castle is a 14th Century castle where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned for six months in 1568/9! We didn’t visit inside the castle however sat outside and had a coffee and biscuit break.

Walking towards Aysgarth Falls

From the castle we continued our walk through small lanes and across more fields as we headed towards the waterfalls.

Aysgarth Lower Falls

For a mile or so along the River Ure, there are three main sets of falls at Aysgarth. Other than the National Trust car park (if you arrive there by car) there is no entrance charge and we first arrived at the lower falls. They were quite spectacular thanks to recent heavy rain.

We sat on the banks of the river in the sun as we ate our picnic lunch. We then made our way through the woods to the middle falls.

Middle Falls

You can view the middle falls from a wooden gallery.

Past the bridge towards the lower falls
Chris and Laura

Finally, we walked past the visitor centre with its shop and cafe, through the car park, through the woods and came to the third set of falls.

Walking back to the car at Carperby
Almost back in Carperby

We arrived back at the car at around 3 pm and drove the short distance to Richmond where we indulged in tea and cake in a small teashop called ‘Granny’s Kitchen’.


From the teashop we headed to The Station and had a look in the brewery before driving back to the holiday house.

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