One day in Yokohama


Yokohama is a great place to visit for a day if you are in Tokyo. Yokohama is located to the south of Tokyo on the coast of Tokyo Bay, is built on reclaimed land and has a huge number of attractions. Yokohama is about 30 minutes from the main Tokyo station.


As with the rest of Tokyo, Yokohama is well organised and well connected for pedestrians with paths and bridges.

Inside the Nissan factory (photo courtesy of James)

Yokohama is home to Nissan Motor Company’s engine development and production factory. We visited the Nissan headquarters which has a large showroom.

Large ferris wheel in Yokohama
Mount Fuji from the ferris wheel

There is a large ferris wheel in Yokohama and from the top we were able to make out the outline of Mount Fuji which is over 100 km’s from Yokohama. The wheel is 112.5 m high and is located in Yokohama Cosmo World a small amusement park with free entry.



The centre of Yokohama is reasonably compact… we walked from the Minato Mirai area (the harbour area) to China Town in around 20 – 30 minutes.

China Town (photo courtesy of James)
China Town

Yokohama has the largest China Town in Japan. The streets have an easy and relaxing feel with the main street being pedestrianised. We had a fabulous Chinese meal where you could choose and keep ordering any number of dishes (from a choice of 100) for a set price of 2000 yen (around £12) each.



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