Dragons Back Trek

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Many people think of Hong Kong as all smog and skyscrapers however you don’t have to venture too far out of the city to find a great outdoor life. We had an excellent trek with awesome views when we  walked the final 8 km section of the 50 km Hong Kong trail. The trek takes its name from the profile of the hill which resembles a dragons back!

Start of the trek
Up and down a few hills…

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Well sign-posted

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Plenty of wildlife along the trek

File_008 (16)

The end point at Big Wave Bay showing the ridge we walked along


Getting to the start of the Dragons Back trek

  1. Find your way to Shau Kei Wan MTR station
  2. Take Exit A1 and turn right. The bus terminal is immediately behind the MTR station.
  3. Find bus number 9 towards Shek O. These buses take cash only and the cost in May 2016 was HKD $8 each (approx £0.70).
  4. Ask the driver to stop at To Tei Wan stop which is the start of the hike. The bus journey takes around 20 minutes.

We ended our 8 km trek at Big Wave Bay where you can catch bus number 9 back to the MTR station.

Windy at the top but great views





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