Glimpse of Auckland


Lesson learned 1: check flight schedules carefully when crossing the international date line!

We had planned to spend a day exploring Auckland, New Zealand before moving on to Rotorua but we planned this for Monday 25th January forgetting that this day wouldn’t actually exist in our lives!

After the short ferry crossing from Moorea to Tahiti we left Tahiti at 5.30 pm on Sunday 24th. Five and a half hours later we arrived in Auckland at 10 pm on Monday 25th having crossed the international dateline in between!

While we could have changed transfer and accommodation bookings and shifted things on in order to squeeze in Auckland we decided to leave the arrangements as they were. We are in NZ for only 16 days and with so many ‘must see’ places we will only have time to visit some of the many NZ  highlights. So…

Lesson learned 2: it doesn’t matter if you don’t see everything in every country… (will just have to come back…)



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